Friday, 11 April 2014

Rap Lord

Niggaz will love me or hate me huh!
niggaz will love me or hate me

Chorus: Niggaz will love me or hate me huh i take them both
if i don't make it or show up huh i still rhyme more
am gonna express it cuz the experience is is more than you think nigga more more than you think what cuz am rap lord
more more than you think what cuz am rap lord

Verse one:Mc's feeling my vocols my talent prompted my double o microphone am a being a human being surviving the injustice aaaaaaaah! i raise up cuz i embrace justice reasons i will always embrace justice haters musiclovers world changers can't feel my shit what brought me to the mc shit still my talent  aaaaaaaah! erupting inside me like the thought of a man is the possibility of a rap though holding back my tongue i can still feel it flowing in the wave of the rhymes bulging my head while am still trying to connect more lines just because i so much love the Lord aaaaaaaah! who's gonna make you see the Lord's love since you do not know the Lord's pain rap out the Lord's music enabling me survive with more options like

Verse two:Rap lord what i claim am not a rap king cuz i overlord with my rap lines the only way to rep my social responsibility if i really claim to be an entertainer the only way to enable fans see their warlord leading them in the fight against wickedness injustice so i race with the rap gods true rap icons in the street creds just by keeping my doubleomicrophone busy look am dizzy but put me in a stage performance am demostrating same shit you watching now cuz i gat a point to prove like seriously who ryhme's better if not the nigga who's dandier i think there's no need for confrontations you do what you love to do like i do what i want to do cuz i will always do what i love to do even if you claim to stop me now oh! he claims he stopped me since i will never get tired of doing what i try doing and while am doing what i try doing

Verse three:Still i race with the rap gods and while am racing with the rap gods i cannot neglect the rap kings the only existing thrones in the rap game riding against the pace of the rap snakes snaking around the industry unknowly to my ride i squash their snake heads with the feet of Jesus Christ like Jesus did in the passion of Christ Mel Gibson film it took me only two fucking options to see my rise into rap fame ride or die since music makes up these moments i gat more choices like rap and sex and while the drama unfolds its more money life easier what else should i occupy my state of mind with the music it really makes me feel better you see how it makes your hips move better making everyone to talk about the hip hop cuz am gonna keep giving the streets my hip pop making the street to see the hip talks so i ma do what rap do its my cross i know my cross if you do not know your cross west coast east coast north coast south coast worldwide no one can contest my shit aaaaaaaah! in the land of humans and aliens am expressing my emotions publicly cuz am a being a human being surviving the injustice even if the world doesn't know me i remain unknown as a rap Monk


Monday, 17 February 2014

Happy 30th BirthDay DanBond

Born february 17th 1984 @ a town called Ughelli in Delta State Nigeria. Feb 17th 2014 am thirty years old and Snoop Dogg made my birthday great by simply his idea because my seven days of F U N K video contest is here for all time to see. You know deadline for submission. You know HIGH WIT ME celebrated me into America music industry. You know Nigerian witches are like i will never be able to enter rap game BUT i did in year 2011 remaining to put down debut rap album. Year 2011 entered through NYSC no cash to complete production. Year 2012 nigeria got talent came sponsored by Airtel Telecommunication. Year 2013 Rap Lord falls back to where he rode from Abraka village cuz i ride away to fight another day. Year 2014 am back with Snoop Zilla shit. High Wit Me Haters

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Welcome To My Big Dream

It was me a young black male aspiring to be an entertainer in once upon a time at the age of twelve after watching the vidoes of late brenda of south africa i was moved to start composing my own songs talked to the Lord and an inspiration was installed in me improving the skills as i got to the peak of my teenage age i discovered i was gonna showcase my talent to the world as a rap thing something i call a rap lord so i moved to Lagos city cuz i gat a talent to prove plus am gonna make better pay with my talent and the village ain't the right place to execute my plans if i really want to be a nigerian rapper talkless of being known in da whole wide world gat my mind made up to put down only rap shit rappers are making waves in entertainment some individuals showed me i can never make as an entertainer something i came to see clearly in the shows i went to in the no jobs to raise money for production of just one track in the no financial asistance from my dad my mom or any relatives i was just all alone in the struggle tryna make these things going on inside me a reality these things a big dream since twelve now what do we have here the same furstrated nigga entertaining ya all

Welcome to my big dream my niggaz this is how i feel my niggaz am black am angry whaaat! Cuz am hating my niggaz welcome to my big dream my niggaz performing i gat talent are you feeling jiggaz its the game i claim nigga all the fights nigga i came.

The gaint telecommunication Airtel finalized my journey to my big dream by launching Got Talent Franchise the reason am a participate in the debut season it reminds me of the finest show i have ever watched in nigerian city lagos MAMA Awards 2010 how i wish i had made it to stardom ya all would have seen me putting down with rapper Eve ex-ruff ridyer and i think i over heard her rhyming about double o seven babe am double o microphone exibiting my rap skills for the prize of a life time ten million why was i dreaming my big dream if not for money making and even if you gat a great talent money is still very much needed to give it a great push discovering your talent first push showcasing and selling it cannot be done without money the reason am not known in the country i gat no duo and DANBOND is not gonna remain the same after now cuz your votes can fight for me fight with me what else does an artist expect from concert sales on behalf of the organizers Airtel partnering optima media group RBF i welcome ya all viewers at home and audience present here to naija got talent shoooow the only show across the country energizing my big dream.

Welcome to my big dream my niggaz this is how i feel my niggaz am black am angry whaaat! Cuz am hating my niggaz welcome to my big dream my niggaz performing i gat talent are you feeling me jiggaz its the game i claim nigga all the fights nigga i came

Double o microphone is the dream my big dream and am gonna live it out to the fullest cuz no one knows how i feel about it this performance my debut world class stage appearance still my fifth show i ma talk about my fourth show star trek before da 'D' day got to da show venue in order to rock da mic on da 'D' day got free access on show day but was not allowed to perform on show day thought of the loudspeakers cuz i was admiring the stage setup and how i made up my mind never to drink star beer again cuz star trek Abk did not make my night the last time i drank star beer since then was on presidential election for Ebele Goodluck Jonathan based on the fact i was a presiding officer in one of the election boot down da middle eastern nigeria this outing my finest outing ya all should tag it dan bond re-enters rap game 2014 through nigeria got talent franchise as a strong contestant to enable ya all hear my rhyms and vibe with it the only way you see i represent an entertainer in these times.

Welcome to my big dream my niggaz this is how i feel my niggaz am black am angry whaaaat! Cuz am hating my niggaz welcome to big dream my niggaz performing got talent are you feeling jiggaz its the game i claim nigga all the fights nigga i came(2 times)

Dan bond motherfuckers
Welcome to my big dream haters