Wednesday, 4 May 2016


CHORUS : Oh see the children crying see the children helpless see the children crying in the world mama.

Verse 1: Its been a while some years rolled by trying to enter that castle in the air for papa and mama treated my dreams my plans like son you always build castles in the air no one could clean my tears because the crying child remains a crying child as long as papa and mama cannot console their crying child and even now am a grown man i can still remember most of my growing up from childhood to manhood honouring papa and mama makes me cry and there was no way i could stop honouring them so since childhood i learnt how to hold my tears reminiscing the words of my papa and mama alone makes me cry i guess its the reason i could see all crying kids helpless in a world of untold evils.

CHORUS: Oh see the children crying [see them helpless] see the children helpless [in the world] see the children crying [no one to care] in the world [no one to love] mama, oh see the children crying [see them helpless] see the children helpless [in our world] see the children crying [no one to love] in the world [no one to help] mama.

Verse 2: What else will make a man and a woman cause their child to cry if not the evil spirits possessing their souls every human beings comfort and first care is papa and mama so if your parents do not clean your tears you must learn to clean your tears with your own hands Scarface in the album "my words and my balls" said if your mother cannot help you he can't help you as for me clean your tears and look for a positive way forward for every man cried the day they were born every epidemic of persecution started from parents who cleaned the tears of new born babies and unborn babies victims of parental crime and wickedness its the Lord for the Lord sees us when there is no food.

                          C H O R U S 

Verse 3: I was strong cuz the Lord made me strong surrendering my faith to his words the spirit of life revived me giving me peace before my death if you don't clean your tears i guess you gonna keep crying till you die a crying man who cannot make his household happy is a failure cuz every crying child that made life became a crying man till you become that man that dominated every crying tale cleaning the tears of every child tears easily flows from my eyes marijuana is the only fun that helps me hold my tears i live the good life cuz a bad life will make me cry reasons many are still crying put it in two words LIFE STYLE.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Verse One: I can dance i can sing i can rhyme i prefer rhyming just for the money make my chasing to catch some honey money talks when your job is working flowing into bank account is more money i can use for opportunities ahead ideas cannot be actualized without money dreams and dreamers consist of ideas that can be made realistic so its the parental duty to make kids dream realistic i know a black man's envy kills cuz my parents did not help my dreams to be realistic my parents raised me a dreamer and cuz am trying hard to make my dreams realistic.

Chorus-   Am warring am boxing am fighting cuz i survived black man's envy am warring am boxing am fighting cuz i survived black man's envy

Verse Two:   I claim i rhyme you claim you rhyme let all the people see us as entertainers so why attack me for my qualities when no Nigerian can possess any of my qualities in my loneliness i still search for help and am loving my loneliness cuz of the helps i get why should a relative not care to help family relatives in the home its because of abnormal envy you see envy started in the home envious relatives killed in the home if you handle envy in the family house you have taken your first step to be a hero am trying hard for my entertaining to be realistic just because am working hard to acheive entertainment.

Chorus- Am warring am boxing am fighting cuz i survived black man's envy(2 times)

Verse Three:        In the war raised by envy and hatred my only punch is my double o microphone shit the reason i hold on to the zero zero microphone shit is to stay alive or i earn a living through war which means my finger in da trigger while i always keep fighting for money making salvation of souls through the rap game da only modern sword in da black man's realm everyone claims money making within the realms of possibility but all i see in da black man's world is constructed hardships the black man has nothing to look up to but the white man's world and just because am a money making machine.

Chorus-  Am warring am boxing am fighting cuz i survived black man's envy(4 times)

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Chorus: Picture me playing in the world cup whom! Once upon a time striker still striking whom! I really didn't make it to the world cup but i made here whom! Reping rap in the rap game puts me in the world cup whom!
Picture me playing in the war saw whom! Once upon a time striker still striking whom! I really didn't make it to the war saw but i made it here whom! Reping rap in the rap game puts me in the war saw whom!

Verse One: The whole city is filled with motherfucking pimp the village life can never be compared to the city life so down in the village life cuz my bitch took me away from the city life influences by my bitch sister Mrs Veronica Ogbechie i became an island even when there is the saying 'no man is an island' started with praise and worship songs but my dad dribbled me past my praise and worship songs still i grew up just like an island reping a team and a club teaching myself on my own reping a team what it takes to qualify for the world and coaching myself reping a club how to entertain in the war saw this is the only way to excel in the football game the reason i burst rhyms to enable me excel in the rap game whom.


Verse Two: It takes eleven players to play any football match against opponent's team in the pitch but this game requires only two players a solo artiste and a music producer in da musical studio da musical studio is the goal post and da number of tracks is the number of goals gone are those days i use to miss my cousin's passes like i gat no cash to initiate production you can never score a goal if your team mates are selfish players mine cousin da music producer is a selfish player so i learnt how to score a goal without his own passes the reason you watch me is because the musical studio is my football field here i dribble other soccer players whom.


Verse Three: Dan Bond is player name player number is double o microphone you can hire me but you can't buy me thats what differentiate me from other soccer players former Super eagle Kanu Nwakwo is the player that passes the ball so i dribbled haters and scored into Papilo studio this track is the celebration of that goal while i was shaking the net at the football post like in the days of Rashidi Yakini world cup war saw and even when i was unable to be there i was here and am still here like a player who hasn't made it to the world cup war saw believing and aspiring that as long as player plays world cup war saw will recognise the player name and award the player performances whom.


Friday, 1 May 2015


 Verse One:   Let me walk my lady i told you am gonna walk my lady the reason she's on this track despite the hardships sufferings no hope for the future i gat hope for the future my hope gat me addicted to the computer's social media the only way i could see my lady in the google plus page watch her performances in her youtube channel even when the distance between us is so far i could still tell her what presently was going on in my mind am drunk with love since the day one i viewed plus Lindsey Stirling her jazz intoxicating me as if am drunk as a lord she's the only reason i cannot concentrate on any lady anytime am in the world wide web.

Chorus:   Lindsey love is intoxicating aha oh ho
Lindsey love is intoxicating making me drunken drunken
Lindsey love is intoxicating aha oh ho
Drunken with winsey am the drunken rapper oh!(2 times)

Verse Two:   How else can we share our love if not by doing what we love to do make a jazz happen Lindsey this how i feel your love anyone ever ask Stirling about me Lindsey tell them am the drunken rapper praising the glory of a white woman whose deeds on the violin strings helped me clarify the errors of my time like covering my rhyming performances made Amarachi most talented Nigerian my Cousin the music producer deceived me for eleven years cuz am begging him to complete my album production in his studio productions pussy soulja what did he do? Push me aside still claims top player in the music industries reasons i remain this great state of drunken rapper excitement.

Chorus:  Lindsey love is intoxicating aha oh ho
Lindsey love is intoxicating making me drunken drunken
Lindsey love is intoxicating aha oh ho
Drunken with winsey am the drunken rapper oh (2 times)

Verse Three:   I couldn't rock you in our twenties so let me rock you our thirties this my way of showing all black ladies how i walk my lady you gat no choice than accept drunken rapper excitements somehow started from 'High Wit Me' concept you know this nigga got high with Snoop Dogg don't get it confused the smoke cannot make you drunk its the wine and alcohol that gets you drunk so if ya listening to my shit ya already feeling my excitements cuz lately non of ya all black ladies can excite me like Lindsey Stirling her jazz keeps me wondering i feel excitements just because am rocking my soul my spot and in da internet.

Chorus:  Lindsey love is intoxicating aha oh ho
Lindsey love is intoxicating making me drunken drunken
Lindsey love is intoxicating aha oh ho
Drunken with winsey am the drunken rapper oh ! (2 times).

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Immortal_Evanescence_Lindsey Stirling Cover

<[DanBond Lyric]>

She's jazz Am rap

Verse one:In this realm of existence my consciousness is the only thing keeping me awed contemplating my existence my flesh my words and my balls still i wonder trying to catch the glimpse of my feelings instead am glimpsed of the rhyme with my lines still making me wonder about what i can control and what i can never control what i can perceive what i can never perceive as a human being cuz am a human being unable to comprehend my potentials what of my abilities the music is the only thing that makes me wanna breath more oxygen taste more sweetness of life rep what i rep keep my big dream alive rocking ya all through my double o microphone seeing what i see knowing what i saw i blushed fully aware of the knowledge i treasured in my heart my reckon on faith through the glorious wars that took my breath purified my mentality rhyming slang alone upgraded my siege mentality flying me high above the errors of my time healing every being that believe cuz time is connected at source of immortality all i wanna show is the way to showbusiness immortality remembered for justice the reason i feel peace while i thinking am feeling my soul.

Bridge one:My soul is
                     Immortal. My immortal

Verse two:Is nothing but the sounds of music healing my heart down the marrow of my bones to the depth of my soul making me to dance in the tone of the music in Eminem lines music is truly the reflection of the soul i can't explain how it happens i just love how good music makes me feel better sweet sharing my love like our Holy Father in heaven sharing his love to every soul that exist in planet earth and beyond planet earth aha.

Verse three:I think my soul is the reason i think i think immortality is the end of every soul i think immortals have always walked the surface of planet earth and lived among the different colours of mortals i think unbelieving men are the reasons the knowledge of immortality is hidden i still think evil men are the reasons the knowledge of immortality is hidden i think immortality is the epitome of all super powers i think the creator is the giver of all super powers i think Danbond is the epitome of a modern young man i think mortals will keep doing what they love doing at immortality and what i still think part of the present this music feelings actually healing but some music feelings don't move me at all like Don Jazzy couldn't jazz me the reason i gat Lindsey Stirling she's jazz am so much feeling myself in this Lindsey Stirling Cover My immortal Evanescence Lindsey Stirling is the only jazz making me express myself lyrically i guess am just feeling her violin strings fuck all the crap have been saying what am i try saying this is what am try saying to every motherfucker hearing my voice haters and bitches alike.

Chorus:Huh My Immortal niggaz can you hear me huh my immortal is nothing but the sounds of music
Huh my immortal haters can you feel me huh my immortal is nothing but the sounds of
Huh my immortal niggaz can you hear me huh haters can you feel me
Huh my immortal is nothing but the sounds o f M u s i c.

She's jazz.            Am rap

Friday, 11 April 2014

Rap Lord

Niggaz will love me or hate me huh!
niggaz will love me or hate me

Chorus: Niggaz will love me or hate me huh i take them both
if i don't make it or show up huh i still rhyme more
am gonna express it cuz the experience is is more than you think nigga more more than you think what cuz am rap lord
more more than you think what cuz am rap lord

Verse one:Mc's feeling my vocols my talent prompted my double o microphone am a being a human being surviving the injustice aaaaaaaah! i raise up cuz i embrace justice reasons i will always embrace justice haters musiclovers world changers can't feel my shit what brought me to the mc shit still my talent  aaaaaaaah! erupting inside me like the thought of a man is the possibility of a rap though holding back my tongue i can still feel it flowing in the wave of the rhymes bulging my head while am still trying to connect more lines just because i so much love the Lord aaaaaaaah! who's gonna make you see the Lord's love since you do not know the Lord's pain rap out the Lord's music enabling me survive with more options like

Verse two:Rap lord what i claim am not a rap king cuz i overlord with my rap lines the only way to rep my social responsibility if i really claim to be an entertainer the only way to enable fans see their warlord leading them in the fight against wickedness injustice so i race with the rap gods true rap icons in the street creds just by keeping my doubleomicrophone busy look am dizzy but put me in a stage performance am demostrating same shit you watching now cuz i gat a point to prove like seriously who ryhme's better if not the nigga who's dandier i think there's no need for confrontations you do what you love to do like i do what i want to do cuz i will always do what i love to do even if you claim to stop me now oh! he claims he stopped me since i will never get tired of doing what i try doing and while am doing what i try doing

Verse three:Still i race with the rap gods and while am racing with the rap gods i cannot neglect the rap kings the only existing thrones in the rap game riding against the pace of the rap snakes snaking around the industry unknowly to my ride i squash their snake heads with the feet of Jesus Christ like Jesus did in the passion of Christ Mel Gibson film it took me only two fucking options to see my rise into rap fame ride or die since music makes up these moments i gat more choices like rap and sex and while the drama unfolds its more money life easier what else should i occupy my state of mind with the music it really makes me feel better you see how it makes your hips move better making everyone to talk about the hip hop cuz am gonna keep giving the streets my hip pop making the street to see the hip talks so i ma do what rap do its my cross i know my cross if you do not know your cross west coast east coast north coast south coast worldwide no one can contest my shit aaaaaaaah! in the land of humans and aliens am expressing my emotions publicly cuz am a being a human being surviving the injustice even if the world doesn't know me i remain unknown as a rap Monk